The Girls Mentoring Project helps girls learn and improve upon their fundamental basketball skills.  They learn body control, athletic movement and posture, mental readiness and overall physical fitness.   Parents are always welcome to attend!

"This program taught me concepts that I will need for the rest of my life like integrity and responsibility. I was encouraged by my coaches to keep doing good in school and to be the best that I can be. So, Why Not Me has not only taught me about basketball, but also about important life skills."  -- Victoria

"If it wasn't for Why Not Me I would still be on the couch, Netflix surfing each weekend.  Why Not Me has brought me so much joy and friendship.  If it wasn't for Coach Speight, Coach Black, and Coach Denson, I wouldn't be putting my best foot forward in basketball.  They also encourage me to do well in school and to set and reach my goals.  Thanks to Why Not Me I am on my way to being the best basketball player I could be.  I am very thankful for the time they invest in me and the others each week."  --Jamyah

Providing Positive Althernatives Through Athletics

Saturdays:  9:00 - 11:00 AM  
Legends Center, 5160 Soutel Road, Jacksonville, FL 32209
$2.00 gym entry fee


Mentoring Project

Why Not Me Campaign, Inc

"When you go there they will teach you more than just basketball skills. [They] will teach the skills of life and they will become your family."    -- Sayla

There are fewer things more valuable to girls than a safe space to grow, learn and connect with other like-minded girls.  The girls who participate in the Girls Mentoring Project get to experience this under the watchful eyes of our dedicated coaches and mentors.  Each week we emphasize the importance of making morally sound choices in their daily walk.  Goal setting, followed up with hard work and sacrifice are also tenants we pour into our girls which in turn helps build their confidence and self-worth.  These empowered girls are able to make choices which enable them to stay in school, make good grades, and relentlessly pursue their dreams. 

"I think Why Not Me is a great place to go to , to practice BASKETBALL...they play really fun games and you make new friends and learn how to shoot, dribble and other basketball drills that you need to practice on."   -- Victor