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Our Message

The mission of Why Not Me Campaign, Inc. is to help every child reach his or her potential by fostering self-esteem, personal growth, and dedication to their dream. We empower children and teens with access to information and mentoring in an effort to instill a belief in their abilities and establish a clear path to their goals.
Although our message is universally applicable to children and adults from every walk of life, we put a particular emphasis on the children and families in rural areas and neighborhoods hardest hit by drugs, violence and neglect. We work to infuse the people of these areas with hope and a will to be successful, productive contributors to society.

The "Why Not Me" campaign is a boundless and vital vehicle of message marketing designed to shift the paradigms of those who are desperately seeking change and are willing to embrace that change. 

A “medicine for society,” Why Not Me is beyond necessary.  Many of us fail to see ourselves on the receiving end of a vision of greatness.  A philosophy that bares no limit to the power of believing, Why Not Me pushes people to adapt this healthy perspective and emerging lifestyle mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

We provide kids and teens with multiple opportunities to engage in meaningful activities that build their self-esteem, self-worth and confidence.  We strive to broaden their perspectives and raise the expectations the youth set for themselves.


The Lives We Impact

“You got me out of my shell.  If it wasn't for you I don't think I would be able to do what I do now...You guys are the best coaches ever.  I've learned so much.  You guys help me do my best and I want to thank you for that."


Victoria Sullivan,

Girls' Mentoring Project Youth

“This was a great group of people to work with! The teenagers were very friendly, polite, and helpful. It was encouraging to see that. The leaders were also very friendly and I felt like I was part of the "family"! Thank you for the opportunity to volunteer!”


Kirsten Ashley Chastain,

Everbank Field Volunteer

Our Mission